At Hind Leys Pre School we see parents and carers as the first educators of their children. Our aim is to support your essential work and to build on the knowledge and skills your children bring with them to Pre School.

This is a partnership.

In this section you’ll find a range of information that will be useful whether you’re considering our setting for your child or already have a child attending one of our bubbles. Much of it is written in partnership with parents/carers and is based upon the information we have been told would be helpful.

If there is something additional that you think would benefit this section, please let us know.

Are we the right setting for you?

An honest look at what Forest School looks like for your child

What to wear

Useful tips and ideas on dressing for the season – keeping warm & dry

Healthy lunches

Some examples of lunches that will sustain your child through a busy day.

Tips from other parents/carers

We asked some current parent/carers what they’d like to share with you.

Learning at home

Ideas and activities to help you support your child’s learning.


Common questions asked by parents/carers.