Are we the right setting for you?

Hopefully you have got the sense, from our site, that we are not your average nursery / pre-school setting. If you choose to entrust your child with us we will do our best to work in partnership with you to help your child flourish. This partnership involves us being clear about what we are – and what we are not. There are many different ways to support children to flourish – this is ours. It is messy, authentic and built around the needs of your child.

We are not the setting for you if …

  • You worry about muddy clothes coming home at the end of a day or worry about the odd lost item of clothing.
  • You want your child indoors out of the rain cold and weather. 
  • You worry about sending a packed lunch in or home food in with your child and you want a pre prepped catered meal for an extortionate cost.
  • You want something to come home with your child that may or may not have been mass produced at the end of the day.
  • You do not want your child to make decisions and take measured risks. 
  • We are definitely not for you if you want your child sat down to be forced to learn numbers and phonics in a panic rush for school. 
  • You want a text message or ticks on a screen to tell you your child is OK or what they have done. 

We ARE the setting for you if …

  • You want your child to experience nature and nature therapy and all that it offers.
  • You want your child to develop confidence and resilience.  
  • You want your child exposed to animals and the lifelong habit of caring for them and their environment. 
  • You want you child to be educated by an outstanding team of Qualified Higher Level Educators and Teachers. 
  • You want your child to experience mindfulness and an emotional curriculum that offers pre numeracy and literacy after the physical development that supports it and when children are ready. 
  • You’d like a beautiful scribed learning story put together with your child that is shared with them and theirs to keep when their forest school time comes to an end.  

You are free to choose. 

The best start and early intervention is the key to lifelong learning.  

We know you made the best choice for your child.