Lots of parents ask us about toilet training and coming out of nappies.

Our advice is ….. do not rush. 

You can do more harm than good.

You need your child on your side. If you become anxious it will make things worse for you both.

The following list is a good one to check for signs that your child may be ready.

  • Pooing at least one soft poo four times a week
  • Staying dry for at least an hour and a half between wees
  • Showing an interest in the toilet
  • Following simple instructions
  • Being able to sit on a potty and get up again
  • Starting to show signs of awareness that they have done a week or a poo

We take children in nappies offsite in the Robins for shorter periods of nature time.

We would also say that language development is important – being able to indicate a need for the toilet.

Feel free to talk to a senior member of staff for advice so that we can work together.

You can find NHS guidance here: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/baby/babys-development/potty-training-and-bedwetting/how-to-potty-train/

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