What to wear

At Hind Leys Pre School we are outdoors whatever the weather, so it’s important that your child comes prepared with the right clothing for the season. Our staff team will encourage older children to add/remove layers when needed, and we keep a close eye on babies and toddlers to make sure they are not too hot or cold.

It’s important to pack plenty of spare clothes (covering at least 3 changes). It can get messy at Forest School! Many parents also recommend buying second hand clothes and never sending them in their best gear. 

Please pack your child’s spare clothes in a wipeable carrier bag and make sure that the bag and all items in it are named!

Ideas for the Summer

If possible, make sure your child is wearing sunscreen when they arrive at HLPS. For older children, you may want to consider bug repellant for times when they are off site and near water.

  • Light long sleeved t-shirts (providing some sun and bug protection)
  • Comfy trousers (leggings or jogging bottoms)
  • Hoodie, fleece or light jacket (in case it gets chilly)
  • Socks
  • Comfy shoes (with good grips)
  • Waterproofs (e.g. light puddle suit or waterproof jacket & trousers)
  • Wellies (ones with handles are great to promote independence)
  • Sun hat (e.g. legionnaire hat)

Ideas for Spring / Autumn

As the weather begins to turn (or warm up, after winter) it’s important to make sure your child has enough warm clothes. On chilly days, it can be helpful to have two pairs of socks when they’re wearing wellies (or some nice warm wellie liners). Laying t-shirts, or adding in a nice warm jumper can help too. Lined salopettes or puddle suits can be a great addition too. On warmer days, Forest School wear may be more similar to the summer months – making sure you’ve packed plenty of waterproofs for splashing in puddles and sliding in the mud!

Ideas for Winter

  • Depending on how cold it is, you might want to consider:
  • Base layer / thermals (top and bottom)
  • Long sleeved t-shirt
  • Jumper / fleece /hoodie
  • Warm jacket/coat
  • Jogging trousers / warm/lined leggings
  • Warm onesie for babies/toddlers in The Nest
  • Scarf, hat and gloves
  • Two pairs of socks (thin cotton sock underneath, thicker one on the top)
  • Snow (or winter) boots / fur lined wellies / wellies with a furry liner

It’s OK to ask

Everyone finds their own routine with Forest School dressing, but in your first few weeks and months it can be daunting. A good rule of thumb is to go for layers, pack plenty of spares and fully expect everything to come back filthy.

If you have any questions, please ask a member of staff. We have a wealth of experience we are happy to share with you. You’re also welcome to post a question for other parents on our Private Facebook Group.