Healthy lunches

During the day we provide plenty of healthy snacks and drinks from our own store. This is essential as our children use so much energy whilst they are with us.

In the winter this includes warm drinks (hot chocolate, Ribena and juice) and snacks (e.g. wholesome wholemeal crumpets, Warm baked croissants, warm soup and fresh bread) to keep their blood sugar topped up.

In the summer we provide cold drinks and plenty of ice poles, as well as our usual snacks (e.g. fruit, toast and muffins).

If your child stays with us for lunchtime they will need to bring a packed lunch. This means you know exactly what they are eating, and your child gets to enjoy foods they like (rather than having to go along with a pre-prepared nursery offering). For older children, especially, opening their packed lunch can have an element of excitement to it.

We will happily warm up any food prepared at home (e.g. pasta, beans, soup etc).

A safety note:

We are a nut-free setting (that includes pine nuts and pesto!)

If you bring food to share with other children please include the ingredients (some of our children will have allergies and food intolerances, so we need to be careful).

Some healthy lunch ideas

Parents often ask us for ideas. Below, we’ve gathered together some real-world examples of the range of lunches children bring with them. If you’d like some more inspiration you can always post in our private Facebook Group and ask other parents.